The 9 Catclaw claims are shown in the following list. The details of the claims can be verified by searching records at the Bureau of Land Management.

BLM Reports LR 2000

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Case Filing Activity!

These claims are already hot with case filing activity with the BLM- Here are the Active and pending Cases for Catclaw, Select and Old Mine-

As of 9/18/2020

282201- Authorized       361113- Authorized

281007- Authorized       380913- Pending

293200- Pending

281001- Authorized

380913- Authorized

285003- Authorized


The main area of these claims is west of Lake Pleasant on the border of Maricopa and Yavapai counties, and accessible via N Castle Hot Springs Road.  You can view the general area of the claims with this map

link: Land Map of Parcel

Benefits on site

The claims location contains 2 registered wells in the claims area. Registration numbers 640381,640126. One of the wells is active, and the site has APS power. 

AMC #'s

CAT CLAW #1 – AMC354046
CAT CLAW #2 – AMC354047
CAT CLAW #3 – AMC355277
CAT CLAW #4 – AMC355354
CATCLAW #5 – AMC355375
CATCLAW #6 – AMC355376
CAT CLAW #7 – AMC356330
CATCLAW #8 – AMC363920
CATCLAW #9 – AMC363921

Active gravel and rock pit

The location of the claims, the presence of the wells, APS power, and the access to the road already present based on the active gravel pit activity present a unique mining operation opportunity. Please contact us with any questions or interest in these claims.

Easy access with roads and water in place.

An active gravel and rock pit currently exists within the area of the mineral claims, which provides easy access from N Castle Hot Springs Road into the the central area of the claims.

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