Our Premium Claims

Ewing Hardscapes currently has a decorative rock operation on these claim sites. They presently have a 100,000- ton BLM contract which represents roughly $4,000,000 in decorative rock inventory, with royalties paid to owners. 

Case Filing Activity!

These claims are already hot with case filing activity with the BLM- Here are the Active and pending Cases for Catclaw, Select and Old Mine-

As of 9/18/2020

282201- Authorized       361113- Authorized

281007- Authorized       380913- Pending

293200- Pending

281001- Authorized

380913- Authorized

285003- Authorized

10 Acre Footprint with 100 to 150 thousand tons of decorative rock remaining.

This BLM approved working rock quarry with APS power,several well heads,and 1 operating well,including county road access via Castle Hot Springs Road,all reside within the area of the Cat Claw claims

With so much activity, we know they have found something!

We want to offer you the opportunity to invest in land that is already turning a profit! Take a look at our claims and get in touch with a representative today!


Additional Details About the Quarry

 The BLM rock quarry has been in operation for the past 17 years under American Sand and Gravel Corporation, and Ewing recently assumed their 25year lease contract with Beverly Brown and David Kinzenbaugh. Ewing has secured a5year,100,000ton decorative rock contract with BLM, which requires Ewing to pay royalties to the current or prospective owners of the claims.There is a possible breach of contract with Ewing’s assumption of American Sandand Rock’s contract with Mr. Kinzenbaugh and Mrs. Brown. The possible issues may include the following: failure to pay royalty payments, notification issues to the claim owner, compliance issues with the rock quarry, and discrepancies in following BLM regulations. Documentation concerning these issues are provided in the Appendix

The Opprotunity

We consider the Catclaw Claims to be a very lucrative opprotunity due to the following:

1. Mineral Rights (the claims) to all minerals under the ground.

2. A working well on site with water rights.

3. APS power to BLM approved quarry.

4. County road access and roadwork to the quarry site.

5. Existing 100,000- ton BLM decorative rock contract that includes royalties to the owners of the claims.

6. Additional presence of large ammounts of palomino gold, Cherokee pink, express brown and other decrorative rock.

Initially, we are offering this opportunity to American mining corporations. This also makes this an attractive opprotunity outside to foreign investors who enjoy vacationing in Arizona where they can see sites like the Grand Canyon or enjoy Lake Pleasant.

Mineral rich land with mineral rights, water rights, APS power to the BLM approved working rock quarry, countay road access, a plan of operation in place that Ewing assumed from American Sand and Rock, and a possible lawsuit is an awesome business opportunity. In addition, a plan of operation for the mineral mining is in the beginning stages and can be continued by the future owners.